Slide Prep Services

KDL SlideTechTM

The KDL laboratory provides superior ancillary services including slide preparation to those clinicians and pathologists who read their own routine pathology or offices that have their own in-house pathologist. The processing of tissue biopsies, slide preparation and staining is crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease. Poorly prepared slides cannot be accurately read and may lead to inaccurate diagnosis or must be re-processed, leading to delays and added expense. Let KDL qualified staff prepare the biopsy for you in an experienced, CAP accredited laboratory.

The Plan
  • We process the specimen, prepare the slides and deliver them to you
  • You or your pathologist interpret the slides and generate reports
  • Contact us for billing options
  • Avoid expense and headache of running a full laboratory
  • Single-source laboratory for all laboratory needs
  • Personalized requisition forms and shipping labels
  • Courier pick-up or specimen shipping to KDL
  • Shipping or courier drop-off of slides back to you
  • No contract to sign
  • All supplies provided
Diagnostic Support from KDL Dermatopathologists

KDL Dermatopathology full service is available to cover for your vacation, sick time and other potential service gaps as well as more difficult cases and consultations.