Same Day Rapid Results

KDL RapidResultsTM …When You Need to Know Today

KDL Pathology provides the latest innovations in quality patient care. KDL understands that sometimes the patient or clinician can’t wait for results. Same day specimen analysis and reporting is provided to facilitate rapid diagnosis and treatment of cases presenting clinical significance.

This service is provided at no extra charge and is in addition to emergency STAT cases, which may be done at any time on a pre-arranged basis.

Logistics & Reporting
  • Available Monday through Friday
  • Specimens must arrive in laboratory by 11 am
  • Diagnostic reports available by 4 pm in most cases (online or fax)
  • Cases needing additional testing will be reported as preliminary with final report to follow
Specimen Requirements & Submission
  • Accepted Specimens: punch biopsy (4 mm or less in diameter) or shave biopsy
  • Specimens should be placed in formalin immediately after collection (Please note time on requisition)
  • Larger specimens require special handling. Please call in advance for instructions
  • Submitting clinician should include after hours phone number and contact information in case additional testing needed or unforeseen delay
Frozen or Fixed Margin Examination
  • Same day service is also available for margin examination of surgical biopsies
  • Specimens may be evaluated by frozen sections or rapid fixation processing depending on size of specimen and tumor type
  • Please call in advance for individual instructions for best possible quality of care

Please contact KDL client services regarding this and other testing services at 865.584.1933.