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When you visit your physician, a biopsy is the first step with a suspected cancer and many other skin lesions. Identification of the type of skin tumor or lesion is crucial for proper treatment and is most accurately performed by a dermatopathologist, a pathologist who has specialized training in skin disease and tumor identification. You should request that your specimen be examined by an outside sub-specialist.

All Labs are not the Same.

At KDL pathology, we practice medicine the old fashioned way–one patient at a time. Every specimen is important. Depending on the test performed, most tests are completed and reported to the ordering physician within 24 hours of receiving the specimen into the laboratory. Certain tests may take longer. Results are sent directly to the physician, who will contact you when your pathology report has been received. We are always available to discuss your case.

The fee for biopsy service includes transportation of the sample to the laboratory, external examination of the sample, processing of the sample into a microscopic slide, review of the slide by a dermatopathologist, and reporting results to your doctor. Healthcare is expensive, and the cost of laboratory testing is separate from your clinic or hospital visit. We understand that many patients are self-insured and have high deductibles, but quality diagnostic testing is a crucial part of healthcare that patients cannot afford to avoid due to high costs. KDL, as a privately owned company, focuses on providing quality diagnostics for all patients at the lowest cost possible.

What is dermatopathology?

Dermatopathology, a sub-specialty of pathology, is the study and description of changes that occur in the skin as the result of disease. The practice of dermatopathology involves the microscopic examination, description and interpretation of specimens by a trained dermatopathologist.

What is a dermatopathologist?

A dermatopathologist is a physician who has completed training in dermatology and/or anatomic pathology and has completed additional training for the interpretation of skin specimens in an accredited dermatopathology program. Upon completion, eligible candidates may take the board examinations given by both the American Boards of Dermatology and Pathology. Board certification in Dermatopathology qualifies the physician specialist as a designated expert in the diagnosis of skin diseases. These physicians integrate the clinical information provided by the referring dermatologist with microscopic observations of the skin biopsy to arrive at a specific finding or diagnosis.