Specimen Transport

Daily Courier Pick-up or Custom Collection Kits Provided

KDL will provide convenient collection supplies (pre-printed custom requisitions, shipping containers, pre-filled specimen bottles, specimen bags) and arrange for specimen transport to the laboratory, all at no charge.

Specimens should be packed according to federal guidelines including placement in sealed plastic bag, enclosed in a crush-resistant container along with absorbent material (gauze, foam sponge, or paper towel) and shipped at the appropriate temperature.

Collection, storage and shipping requirements for specific tissues and tests may be found under the appropriate specialty testing section as well.

Courier Regions
  • Pick-up available regionally
  • May be regularly scheduled or on as-needed basis
  • Couriers may deliver supplies, requisitions and reports
Shipping Regions
  • Custom collection kits provided
  • Same rapid TAT and service
  • Specimens sent FedEx courtesy of KDL